Decentralized file storage

Our files aren’t stored in centralized data centers – instead they are encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed on a global cloud network powered by industry leaders Storj

Search everything from anywhere

With our new spotlight feature, you can search your files and folders and navigate throughout the app, toggle dark mode, toggle emojis from any location.

Collaborate with Team Folders

Invite your colleagues, friends or family into your team folders. Set their permissions and collaborate together seamlessly

Never miss a notification

All important event that occurs in your account will be recorded on the notifications center.

Sharing Files

You can easily just click on your file or folder, and generate a shared link for everyone. Also, you can protect your shared files with your password.

Get files with file request

Do you need a lot of files? Just generate a file request, and send your link to the user. The user can then upload files directly into your folder or into your home section for files.

2-Factor authentication

Another layer of security to make sure your files are secured. You can now setup 2-factor authentication with your favorite authenticator app.

Stream videos on share page

You can play your videos in a shared page with supported video formats directly in your browser.

Customizable Folder Icons

Set your favourite emoji to your folder as an icon and make ZDrive more personal to you!

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Why Decentralization?


Decentralized storage systems offer a higher level of security as data is spread out across multiple nodes, making it much more difficult for hackers to access or tamper with the data.


Data Integrity

Decentralized storage systems use data redundancy, which means that data is stored on multiple nodes, ensuring that even if one node fails, data is still accessible and available.


Decentralized storage systems provide better privacy as data is stored on multiple nodes, and only the user has access to their data. It is much more challenging for third parties to access the data.



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